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    The Jersey Tourist Guides Association (JTGA) was established in 1995 to represent the interests of those involved in guided tourism in Jersey and to provide information to the trade and anyone interested in learning more about our island.

Welcome to the Jersey Tourist Guides Association

Jersey is a beautiful island, blessed with warm summer sunshine and mild winters, flower-filled springs and soft autumns, surrounded by crystal clear seas and wonderful beaches.  It is an island of many landscapes from dramatic cliffs and small coves to extensive surfing beaches. Inland there are lush green valleys, small  fields with Jersey cows and impressive granite farmhouses.  There are paths along spectacular cliffs and Green Lanes for walking and cycling, with exceptional flora and fauna along the way.

The island has an incomparable depth of history and heritage.  It offers  many attractions from Palaeolithic caves,  Neolithic dolmen, medieval churches and castles to fortifications from the 20th century, especially the Second World War.  With its own government dating back to Norman times Jersey still has a French flavour. The Baliwick is neither part of the United Kingdom nor the European Union.

Through this website you can find your ideal guide from the Jersey Tourist Guides Association and information about events organised by members of the group.

We will be happy to answer your questions, please email   jerseytouristguides@gmail.com

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