Kary Day

Kary Day (M.I.T.G)

A Blue Badge guide with a passion for history and a gift for story telling, Kary would be delighted to help you make the most of your visit to the Island.
From ancient standing stones to medieval castles Jersey is a place of history. Join Kary and allow her to share with you her extensive knowledge of this enchanting Island, providing you with picture perfect memories of an unforgettable visit.

Professional Guiding Services include:
•  Town Tours. Discover more about the history of the delightful town of St Helier.
•  Castle Tours. Uncover the secrets hidden away in our wonderful castles and hear of their dramatic histories.
•  Village Walks. Explore the beauty of our seaside villages and uncover myths, mysteries and maritime marvels.
•  Island Panoramic Tours. See the Island through the eyes of a local on a half day or full day adventure.
•  Specialist and bespoke tours for private, media and corporate clients.

Mobile:  +44 (0)7797 741176

Email:  kary@jerseyuncovered.com